Pastor Erick Sorensen

Erick was born and raised in Southern California. He is married to Melissa, and they have three boys, Jude, Jonathan, and Lincoln. He has degrees from Lutheran Brethren Bible College (Certificate of Biblical Studies), Biola University (Bachelors in Organizational Leadership), and Lutheran Brethren Seminary (Master of Divinity).

Before moving into Manhattan to plant Epiphany, Erick served as Senior Pastor at Victoria Community Church in Fontana, California, and Bethany Lutheran Brethren Church in Staten Island, New York. In addition to serving as our Pastor and church planter, he serves part-time as an Associate Pastor at Hillside Church, our sister congregation in New Jersey.

In his spare time, Erick enjoys hanging out with his wife, wrestling with his boys, reading good books, playing drums and binge-watching Netflix. He is also a regular conference speaker and frequent contributor for Christ Hold Fast, co-host of the podcast 30 Minutes in the New Testament, and he shares a Mid-Week Devotional on Facebook. Erick also serves as the Vice-Chairman of Fifth Act Church Planting.

You can catch up with Erick on Facebook or Twitter @pastorerick.