Dominick Santore

Dom is a lifelong New Yorker, blessed with a wonderful wife, Nichola and two great young men, Isaac and Joshua, which he can say without a doubt, he doesn't deserve. He continues to work for the New York State Court system, where he's done various jobs over his nearly 30-year career.

Dom has learned to appreciate the truth of Scripture as defined by a distinction between Law and Gospel. It's helped him find freedom in trusting that Christ is his substitute on even his worst days. Over the course of his church life, Dom has been everything from chair-stacker to men's ministry leader, and now he serves as an Elder and Treasurer for Epiphany.

He counts among his favorite things: Star Trek, classic comics, movies, the Yankees, the Knicks (yes, he admits to it), and he enjoys a good conversation over good food. Finally, he is grateful for the opportunity to regularly share the message of God's Grace on his blog, The Defeated Victor, and as a frequent contributor for Christ Hold Fast.

You can catch up with Dom on Facebook or Twitter @aDefeatedVictor.

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